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Easter Ideas - Bunny Ears

Combine neutrals with bright pops of colour and appliqué with these cute Easter bunny ears. This technique shows you how to combine fabrics to decorative effect.

Forget an Easter bonnet, a pair of bunny ears is the way to go. If the pint-sized people in your life like to dress up, you can whip up a warren of them in no time.

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Linen fabric 36x20cm (14x8in)

Inner ear fabric, turquoise spot 14x16cm (5.5x6in)

Fusible web 14x16cm (5.5x6in)

Iron-on heavyweight interfacing 18x14cm (7x5.5in)

Stranded cotton, turquoise


Bunny Ears Template


Finished ears measure 15cm (6in) tall

Use a 1.5cm (½in) seam allowance, pressing all seams open as you go

Cutting Out

Use the templates to cut out four outer ear pieces from linen and two inner ear pieces from the inner ear fabric.

Making the Headband

Appliqué each inner ear piece onto an outer ear piece in the same way as for the Bunny Ear Bag (see page 31).


Trace the outer ear twice onto the interfacing, then make each one 1.5cm (½in) smaller on all sides. Cut out and iron onto the back of the appliquéd ear pieces.

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Place one appliqué ear right sides (RS) together with a plain outer ear piece. Stitch together around the curved outer edge, just outside the interfacing, leaving the bottom edge open.


Turn the ear RS out. Use a pointed tool (like a knitting needle or pencil) to help with the tip of the ear, if needed. Press, then repeat with the other ear.

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Quick Tip
Covering Headbands

If you can’t find the right colour headband, it’s easy to cover a fabric one with a strip of fabric. Wrap the fabric around the headband.

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For a neat finish, turn under the fabric to hide the raw edges. Pin, making sure the fabric is taut. Hand-stitch in place using small, neat stitches.

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First published in Simply Sewing Magazine