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Making a Cross Steps Quilt

Lucy Brennan talks us through how to make a Cross Steps quilt using the non-slip Log Cabin Trim tool by Creative Grids.

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Materials for quilt top, backing and binding.

1m of Purple fabric

1m of Light Grey fabric

1m of Medium Grey fabric

1m of Dark Grey fabric

1m of Light Yellow fabric

1m of Dark Yellow fabric

If you just want to make the quilt top the fabric amounts needed are:

90cm x width of fabric (wof) of Purple
20cm x wof of light grey
45cm x wof of medium grey
55cm x wof of dark grey
40cm x wof of light yellow
25cm x wof of medium yellow
20cm x wof of dark grey

Cutting the Fabric
Purple Fabric

Cut 2 x 3 ½” x wof (width of fabric) strips, then subcut to make 16 squares measuring 3 ½”. Then cut a further 12 x 2 ¼” x wof strips.

Light Grey Fabric

Cut 12 x 2 ¼” x wof strips

Medium Grey Fabric

Cut 7 x 2 ¼” x wof strips

Dark Grey Fabric

Cut 9 x 2 ¼” x wof strips

Light Yellow Fabric

Cut 6 x 2 ¼” x wof strips

Medium Yellow Fabric

Cut 4 x 2 ¼” x wof strips

Dark Yellow Fabric

Cut 3 x 2 ¼” x wof strips


Using the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two make four 12.5” (unfinished) blocks of each of the following: Log Cabin; Grey and purple Courthouse Steps; Yellow and grey Courthouse Steps; Purple, yellow and grey Courthouse Steps.


Use the purple squares for the centre of each block and make sure you use the same colour placement of the strips as shown in the photos.


Arrange the 16 blocks in the same layout shown in the quilt. Sew the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together.


For the backing, take the four largest pieces of remaining fabric (light grey and yellow, medium grey and yellow) and sew them together to create a backing at least 52” square. Make a quilt sandwich and quilt as desired.


For the binding you will need 5 strips 2 ½” x wof. This could be any combination of remaining fabrics or just one colour. Sew the binding to the quilt.

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